SmartGets Ambassadors: Naturally Yours!

Our Ambassadors are passionate about empowering and Inspiring others with knowledge of natural, organic, sustainably sourced foods and self-care products. They are curious about and conscious of the things they buy and eat. They are influencers online and in their communities who we encourage to join us in our mission to remind others of the natural foods that nature never intended for us to forget.

And they love getting free stuff!

As our brand ambassador, you will regularly receive SmartGets products that you will love for free! All we ask is that you make a post on 2 or 3 platforms for each item you receive. Record unboxing videos, take photos, and incorporate the products into your day-to-day life. You could perhaps do a vblog in your car while sipping on a Brain juice shot, make a Get Ready With Me video using our organic coconut moisturizing lotion, or photograph yourself fueling up for your next adventure with our mushroom jerky. Let those creative juices flow!


Looking to learn more about our program?

Connect with us! Call, text or email: 706-669-3695 I