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Description: A well-nourished and relaxed body has a higher capacity to heal quickly. If you or a loved one is sick, skip the ginger ale and canned soups and pick the Get Well Soon Box instead!

ZYN Immunity Recovery Drink provides refreshment packed with the health benefits of up to 15 Turmeric roots, fortified with vitamins C & D, and CURCUMIN to inhibit inflammation. Elements Truffles Drinking Chocolate Mix will comfort and delight your taste buds while the adaptogen Ashwagandha soothes and relieves stress. 

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Brands included:

The Get Well Soon Box features these top quality brands and more.  Flavors and selections rotate periodically.  Most of our snacks are single-serve, but some selections may come in a multi-serve size.

  • Rejuvenate: Pure Aromatherapy lotion
  • Shanana Bath Bomb
  • Firebrew Wellness Shots: Restore 2oz
  • Ashwagandha-Infused Drinking Chocolate Mix 8oz
  • ZYN Curcumin & Piperine Infused Beverage
  • Manischewitz Slit Pea Soup Mix

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